The Third Man - Peter Mandelson


As is pretty clear from the previous 265 posts, I'm not one for political memoirs. But I have an intellectual crush on Peter Mandelson and, as with any good anti-hero, he is a fascinating character. Surprisingly for a man who helped to run the country for 13 years, he is also a character with absolutely no self-awareness, blundering around in his own Westminster theme park, where no pesky constituents or real life issues can divert him from his power games. The novelty did start to flag somewhat halfway through, and I struggled to finish, but I did finish in the end, a little jaded and disillusioned (insert comparison with New Labour here).

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  1. I'm so excited you have a book blog. Ok, I have nothing whatsoever to say about Peter Mandelson but I can't wait to get some new ideas. Although seeing how much you read, and remembering how much I used to might make me a bit miserable. Decided to write up all the books I read on my blog too, if they're good of course. Otherwise that wouldn't make me cheerful! xxx