Hearts and Minds - Amanda Craig


The majority of my reading group loved this but contrary me felt it was a little irritating - too many coincidences, too many inconsistencies, too may situations that seemed more to make a point than to ring true. Interesting as a social novel of its time, and well written and carefully structured but I did end up feeling lectured at about the ills of society.


  1. Lectured at about the ills of society. Sounds a hoot. Why did the others all love it? Aside from lacking your literary perspicacity??

  2. Well, it's a matter of taste, I suspect. I'm not a great fan of "ishue" novels, as they're difficult to pull off without making a heavy handed point. I respect the views of my reading group friends, and many of them felt the scenarios were realistic and moving. I was more or less a lone voice in disliking it, which you might say undermines my criticism of the novel!