Could it be Magic? - Melanie Rose


It must be said that I have a snobbish prejudice against chick lit, but not so much against free Kindle downloads so I gave it a go. Flawed and slightly troubling in many ways, but diverting enough for the holiday read it was.


  1. For some reason can't open the comments for the Herring one, so have misplaced it here. I am intrigued, what's the story? xxx

  2. Do you mean what's the story of 'The Herring Seller's Apprentice'? Novelist's ex-wife may or may not have been murdered by novelist. Novelist's agent sticks her nose in. Hilarity and surrealism ensue. The story of 'Could it Be Magic?' is simpler and more realistic. Two woman are struck by lightning at the same time. One wakes up in the other's body and wakes up in her own body when the other one is asleep. Surrealism and the need to overlook strained plot devices ensue.