Attachments - Rainbow Rowell


Orion Books sent me a selection of their titles and somehow I managed to read the trashy one first. Well, the alternative was this month's apocalyptic reading group choice, which doesn't look like it will have much in the way of sharp dialogue and romantic longing, as this one did. No matter that the characters were thin to the state of transparency, or that the plot made little sense - there's nothing wrong with a fun read once in a while. Even if it's rather alarming that its knowingly "retro" setting (1999 to late 2000) means I got together with my husband before this fictional couple's first kiss.

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  1. I think I should probably be reading more books like this. I see the good people at Heat say it's witty. Well I'm sure they'd know. Rainbow Rowell?@*?§3§§!!! I do hope that's her real name.