The Runaway Actress - Victoria Connelly


Normally I'd have to be paid to read escapist chick lit but I won this on Twitter... so I sort of was. Of course I didn't have to read it, but any book billed as "sunshine on a rainy day" is more than usually tempting this wet spring. And it was more or less as I imagined - too many adjectives, stereotypical characters and nothing at all threatening, challenging or cruel. The last of which is actually a refreshing change from my typical reading choices - it is an unusual author to be without guile - and a little sunshine never did much harm.


  1. I'm not sure how much longer I can or should resist chick lit. If you were going to recommend just one, which would it be??

  2. I immediately thought "Woman's World" but that probably doesn't count (and you've read it)! I don't read much chick lit either - there's a reason for that - though Louise Rennison's Georgia series is my guilty pleasure because it's so sweet and funny. Charlaine Harris' True Blood series is basically chick lit (warning: terrible pun coming up) with added bite (and lots of sex).

  3. I've read a couple of the Louise Rennison's too, and liked them, maybe I should try a few more. And I love the tv series of True Blood. Puns and sex, what more could a chick ask for in her lit. xxx