Terra - Mitch Benn


Mitch Benn is that clever, satirical musician on Radio 4. You can tell this is the sort of book he'd like his daughters to read. I'm not entirely sure whether it's the sort of book I'd like to read, though. The alien world is well realised but the characters and sporadic, slightly preachy plot less so.

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  1. Is this a book for kids, or teenagers? We were in the Mediatheque yesterday and I was browsing through the books wondering when kids' literature got so preachy. Why does there always have to be a lesson? There is a even a series of French book which tells you on the back what the lesson is supposed to be. You know, in case you're an idiot. When Maxime the pig tries to build his house on his own it falls down, when he asks Laurent the orangutan to help him the house is solid and well-built. Maxime and Laurent live happily ever after. The lesson: homosexuals can be good at DIY.

    Rant over.

    But seriously, whatever happened to reading for the joy of the story?? Bx