The Establishment And How They Get Away With It - Owen Jones


Very few non-fiction books are promoted to my To Be Read pile but I bought this on its day of publication because I admire the work of Owen Jones so much. True to form, he confirms what I already suspected, in this immaculately researched exposure of moral bankruptcy within the framework of the UK (and probably elsewhere). Whatever your political views, this is the sort of book that turns you into a ranting activist - it did me.

I hope the second edition gets a more thorough proofread, though - the typos are distracting.


  1. I've just read this and it has definitely turned me into a ranting activist. I've also just bought Russell Brands Revolution to see how he puts his view forward on the same subject.

  2. Interestingly, Owen and Russell are, in public at least, great mates, although their approaches to making a better society are quite different. I'm never sure whether I like RB or not but he does have interesting views. Let's compare notes when we've read his book!