Elizabeth is Missing - Emma Healey


I do like an unreliable narrator and this is a tour de force. Beautiful language, clever structure and careful pacing - one of those novels I'll be recommending to anyone who so much as mentions they're looking for something to read.


  1. This was on my Amazon wish list and then a reliable fellow book worm sent it to me as a present. Now that I know that you have recommended it as well I am even more excited about reading it... Bx

  2. Hello, It's Laura from Norwich BID, we met when we did the Golden Ticket for the Easter Egg Hunt earlier today- congratulations!

    I saw on Twitter that you also have a book blog like I do! Mine has only been going about 6 months though. There's some fab books on here that I'll need to add to my Goodreads list! I have also read Elizabeth is Missing and loved it!


  3. Hi Laura - how funny! I like your website too - it's always good to have new books to read! People don't always agree with my reviews so don't take them too seriously ;-)