The Enchanted April - Elizabeth von Arnim


Enchanted, indeed, and witty and charming and delightful. Of its time (1923) but none the worse for that, and extraordinarily well written for what is at first glance a superficial story about the transformative powers of a holiday. I shall recommend this to anyone who needs a bit of cheering up.


  1. Straight to the top of my Amazon wish list. Btw have you read Elements of Style by William Strunk, heard it being discussed recently and sounded like the kind of thing you, and indeed I, might enjoy... Bxxx

  2. I had completely forgotten this book. I loved it when I read it, will have to do so again. BTW Ben Pilbeam told me about your site when we were talking about my sister's novels (Katherine Pathak). If you like Ellis Peters you'll like Kath's stuff a lot I suspect. Cheers, Anne

  3. Hi Anne, Yes, it is a lovely book, especially in winter - great for cheering dull days! I'm not familiar with Katherine Pathak's books but will look out for them. Thanks!