The Shadow of the Wind - Carlos Ruiz Zafon


It's a bit disconcerting when the narrator tells you halfway through the novel that he won't live to the end of the story, even when a dark, gothic drama has come before. It's even more disconcerting when he not only survives but when everyone gets a happy ending. This book is what 'Carnevale' wanted to be, though it too was slightly ridiculous and not much fun - but richly written and densely plotted - not much actually happens but it certainly seems as if it does. Does it live up to the current hype? Well, it's essentially a beach read with literary pretentions - though it's also slightly strange.
[Ju's note: The main thing I remember about this book now is that all the women get pregnant so easily - and are punished for it. Interesting to note that this seems to be the R&J book I've enjoyed the most, and the score is 'good' not 'excellent'.]

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