Heft - Liz Moore


This is a proper book, physically and psychologically. Heft, "the weight of someone or something", could be its only title. First of all, it's beautifully produced: satisfyingly thick pages, striking embossed cover - none of your Kindle nonsense here. The story is clear-eyed, engaging, character-driven, perhaps a touch sentimental but with a core of hard reality that draws it back from the edge. But it's really the quality of the writing that lends it both weight and lightness. Sharply phrased, never jarring or laboured, a sense of safe hands. My obligatory complaint is that, of the two narrators, Arthur is much more interesting than Kel yet features less, which rather unbalanced the narrative. But watch and learn, writers, watch and learn.


  1. Clearly one to add to the reading list! x

  2. Given that you're pretty strict in your ratings, this looks like it really is worth it. Which is what I suspected all along!

  3. Yes, I really enjoyed this one as it's so well written. I lent it to my mum, who has slightly different taste and she liked it too. I am a bit hard to please so 72 is a top score!