The Elegance of the Hedgehog - Muriel Barbery


So I happened to take two philosophical novels in translation on holiday with me. I know, most people take a nice murder mystery or exotic romance when they want a break, but I like a challenge, me. It will be a while before I finish The Discovery of Heaven but what makes that so enjoyable while this was tedious and preachy? Mostly because the characters were totally unbelievable: no 12-year-old thinks or speaks like that, and the motives for the other narrator's secrecy were flimsy at best. The endless ruminations on art were presented as universal truths. The quality of the writing was fine but it just needed a burst of the Mulisch panache to bring everything to life.

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  1. I'm at page 630 and don't know quite what to think. I don't usually real such long books unless I've got a long plane trip, but this one had good reviews and I must admit I'm snagged. Will have to finish and contemplate. I think I prefer Umberto Eco.