Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs


A quirky but fairly standard time-travel/fantasy story based around a collection of real, decidedly unsettling, vintage photographs. It's the photos that make it come alive and distract from the laboured plot and 1940s British characters speaking like the modern American narrator. Fun and inventive, though - apart from the unresolved ending which suggests an assumption that readers will demand a sequel.


  1. I love time travel stories, but this sounds a bit tedious... Is it really just a collection of stories? That doesn't appeal so much.

    The cover and title are attractive, though. :-)

  2. There is a proper narrative - the photos are weaved into it ("I'd seen her photo not 5 minutes before" - photo is shown on the next page) but it's a bit confusing! It's an interesting concept, and the photos are fascinatingly weird!