Spies - Michael Frayn


Normally, I hold boldly to the view that life's too short to read a book twice, but exceptions can be made. Reading group choices, for example - life is not too short to chat about books with your friends over a nice cup of tea. In any case, I first read this 10 years ago and, despite thinking it really rather good, I remembered almost nothing about it. And yes, I still think it's really rather good and yet... painstakingly structured, deeply evocative, nuanced, an hilariously painful account of childhood confusion... and yet... the emotional depth is somehow lacking, the semi-surprise ending a little hurried. Or perhaps my older self is just harder to please.


  1. Struggled with this I have to admit - much more so than Headlong which I really enjoyed! Now I want to try it again thought - will let you know how I get on. Currently re-reading Frankenstein - brilliant and by an 18 year old!

  2. I liked Headlong too. I'm embarrassed to admit I've never read Frankenstein - I sort of remember having to read it at uni and, well, not!